Brand story

As Bánovce with its surroundings was an inspiration for artists and craftsmen in the past, it ispiries us and our brand today.


The well accessible and fertile Banovská kotlina Depression was populated 3,000 years BC. It was protected by range of mountains Strážovské vrchy and Považský Inovec, but also by lords from the Uhrovec Castle. They laid the foundation for the establishment of the region and the town Bánovce was a part of it.


Bánovce was already in the Middle Ages an important centre of crafts production: a lot of drapers, furriers, shoemakers, tailors, hatmakers and butchers carried out their profession there. Pavol Štúr, grandfather of Ľudovít Štúr, was also a draper. We found a reference to him in the records from that time.

Many craft fairs took place in town on a regular basis, where craftsmen brought their products and could share experience from their journeys. Several folk songs, fairy tales, stories and often poems originated in the stories.

František Zay

The biggest impact on the story of the Banovská kotlina Depression had the nobleman Francesco (František) Zay who settled there down in the 16th century. He made efforts to help the cultural development of the region. He established one of the most extensive libraries in that period of time. The books from the library found their place in Martin, Praque and in the Apponyi Library in Oponice.

The Zays helped to build education and culture in the region and strongly supported Ľudovít Štúr and his family. Ľudovít Štúr, a revolutionary politician, obtained a well-paid job as a scribe on their homestead at a time, when his family struggled with financial problems and he almost had to end his studies in Bratislava.

Janko Jesenský

A significant writer and poet worked from 1905 to 1914 in Bánovce as a lawyer. He was closely connected to this town and the atmosphere of the region inspired him to write one of his famous works – Malomestské rozprávky.

Bánovce and its surroundings is a naturally and historically interesting region with beautiful landscape views, fertile pastures, tradition of craftsmen, national revivalists, poets and prose writers. We feel that our brand is a part of the region, too.

Our dairy factory and library

Poetry can be a gentle and nice way to find detached view and wisdom in every period of time. It certainly has something to say even today. We have therefore decided to connect this interesting topic with our brand.