Product categories


We produce two types of yoghurts. Cream yoghurt and Poctivý yoghurt. Cream yoghurt is made of cream and yoghurt culture. Poctivý yoghurt is produced by traditional method of maturing in cups. While cream yoghurt has smooth texture and taste, Poctivý yoghurt is a little sourer.

Fresh milk products

Classic dairy products such as butter, curd and cream can be found in every fridge in Slovakia. We try to prepare them for you according to old recipes, so that they are exactly as they should be.


Our spreads with the same taste for years. We still produce them according to traditional recipes that we upgrade with new flavours, but the original texture remains unchanged.


We want the offer of dairy products to be as wide as possible and therefore, we don’t forget about steamed cheese. You can eat it while entertaining with nice people, take it with you to work or on a trip, or cook something special with it. It is only your choice.