Ultra-pasteurised milk, cream culture. Dry matter 28 %. Fat in dry matter 38 %.

Výživové údaje na 100 g:

Energia: 818/197 kJ/kcal

Tuky: 13,4 g

(z toho nasýtené mastné kyseliny): 4,9 g

Sacharidy: 3,5 g

(z toho cukry): 3,3 g

Bielkoviny: 15,5 g

Soľ: 0,07 g

Weight: 250g || Group packaging: 16 pcs. / carton (4kg) || EAN code: 8586001540070 ||

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Classic milk products such as butter, curd and cream can be found in every fridge in Slovakia. We try to prepare them for you according to old recipes, so that they are exactly as they should be.